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Family Insurance

Travel insurance is a necessary requirement for anyone traveling and various other unforeseen events that may spoil the trip. In fact, the importance of travel insurance can be gauged from the simple fact that the applications for the Schengen visa that covers most of West European countries, and the Australian visa, among others, must be accompanied by a valid travel insurance policy.

What is Family Travel Insurance?

Who doesn’t love a good family vacation? A relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous trip to the mountains to make the memories that will last a lifetime. Family vacations can be a pleasurable experience but also stressful because of the many things that can go wrong at any point. A perfectly good holiday can be ruined by lost luggage, cancelled flights and so much more. Family Travel Insurance is your safety net which makes sure that glitches in your travels do not ruin your much-deserved break. It is a single policy which takes care of any problem that may be faced by you and your family members while travelling. Unlike other individual travel insurance schemes, the coverage amount provided by international holiday insurance is divided equally by all the family members. Also the process of claim disbursement is simple and involves minimal paperwork. Getting a international family travel insurance will ensure that when you travel with your family, the only thing you have to think about is having fun.

Features and Benefits of Family Travel Insurance Policy:

Following are some of the important features and benefits that Family Travel Insurance offers:

  1. Medical attention in many countries can be extremely expensive without insurance. All the expenses related to medical emergencies of any of the family members will be covered under this one scheme. Everything from illnesses, bodily injury, hospitalization, the expense of a family member travelling to visit an ailing family member, emergency medical evacuation back to India, the expense of transporting the mortal remains of an insured family member or the burial overseas etc. will be covered with policy.
  2. Compensation for death/permanent disability caused by an accident while travelling in a common carrier.
  3. It is not only an annoying but an expensive affair if your trip gets delayed. Family Travel Insurance makes sure that all such expenses are covered.
  4. Compared to individual travel insurance schemes, having one policy for the entire family will reduce the premium that you must pay because most insurance companies include children from 3 months to 21 years. Further it is much more convenient to get a single policy rather than multiple policies for each member.
  5. Purchasing insurance individually for family members can be much more expensive than getting the single Family travel insurance scheme which covers the entire family.
  6. Hiccups like baggage loss/delay, losing travel documents etc. will be smoother with a good family travel insurance in place. The cost of getting a new passport will be covered. The expenses due to delayed/cancelled flight is also covered, as is the cost of missing a connecting flight because of it.
  7. If your house back home gets robbed while you are travelling abroad, this scheme will cover the expenses incurred.
  8. In the unlikely event of a hijack also you will be given allowance.
  9. If you happen to lose your money while travelling, you will be offered emergency funds by most insurance companies.
  10. Many insurance companies let you customize your policy to fit your family’s needs. Trips as short as four days can be covered. Also, there are policies offered for everything from annual, round-trip, single-trip and multi-trip policies.
  11. You can opt for additional coverage (For medical evacuation, repatriation, personal accident etc. ) to feel even safer.
  12. Majority of insurers now offer other facilities like cashless claims, minimal documentation, online renewal, international assistance and competitive premium rates for family travel insurance.